Hindutva policy


The Hindutva ideology is continuously increasing in India and this narrative got a boost after Narendra Modi came into power. They believe that India is only for Hindus and no other religion has the same rights as Hindus. The Hindu extremists are forcefully converting the minorities into their own religion. The Indian government through a unilateral and illegal move tried to change the demography of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and started settling Hindus in Muslim majority areas. I strongly believe that Indian extremist ideology will backfire. Pakistan came into being as a result of the Two Nation Theory. Pakistan wants strong bilateral relations with all the neighboring countries and the Indian dream of regional hegemony will never materialize.  Whole campaign of Islamophobia has been gaining momentum in India. It is basically the continuation of Hindutva policy of BJP-led government. Muslims are second majority in India due to their huge number. BJP led government is alienating the Muslim community in India and elsewhere. It is high time that OIC and other Islamic organizations take a leading role to boycott Indian produced goods and press New Delhi to stop its ill treatment of Muslims.  The Muslim Ummah should take a unified stance on this issue as persecution of Muslims cannot be tolerated. There is no doubt that the greatest threat to our region and global security emanates from the Hindutva ideology that drives Indian officialdom. Pakistan has consistently held that sustainable peace in South Asia is contingent upon resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

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