Hijabophobia in India


Indian saffron terror led by chauvinist Hinduvta regime reaches to alarming heights as the cowardice of exposed in Narendra Modi’s India as a lone Hijab-wearing girl student was heckled by RSS goons in saffron shawls at a Karnataka college who daringly shouted Allah-o-Akbar. It has been a month since the students of a state-run school in Udupi District of the Indian state of Karnataka started their campaign after they were barred from entering their classrooms while wearing hijab. The story cascaded across the internet, and the students began protesting outside the school gate, reading their lessons. Instead of pacifying the situation, other schools also started enforcing a ban on the hijab, out of fears of the RSS goons who also simultaneously started shouting pro-Hindutva slogans to worsen the situation. The state machinery seems to be helpless before the saffron scarf group. Instead, some ruling party members are issuing statements to defend the ban on hijab which encouraged the RSS members to provoke the situation. Having failed to control the situation, the Karnataka chief minister Basavaraj Bommai announced the closure of all schools and colleges in the state for three days as the controversy over students wearing hijab on campus intensified, with violence reported from several districts. Pertinent to mention that a broader trend in India has seen an alarming rise in support for extremist Hindu nationalist groups since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power nearly eight years ago. Muslims and Christians remain a prime targets of Hindutva-led violence. The RSS maintains a vast pool of six million radicals who could be instantly mobilized more swiftly than the Indian Army.

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