Halle rocks photo shoot on her 53rd birthday


Halle Berry goes braless in a wet T-shirt for her 53rd birthday. Who needs a birthday cake? To celebrate turning 53 years old, Halle Berry posted a racy, bra-free photo that’s taking social media by storm. The Oscar winner rocks the wet T-shirt contest look in her latest (and NSFW) Instagram, shared just in time for her Aug. 14 birthday. In it, a wet white tank top clings to her otherwise exposed body, its “No Bra Club” slogan essentially stating the obvious.
The provocative photo was met with well wishes from the likes of Arsenio Hall and Gabrielle Union, not to mention fans who were blown away by her sexy shoot. “The older the berry, the sweeter the juice,” quipped a commenter. “When will you join the ‘no bra no shirt’ club?” read another comment.
“They have to have blue flame emojis for posts like this Halle because the orange ones just aren’t hot enough for the type of heat that you’re giving off,” a fan added. “Pure perfection,” another wrote. Given Instagram’s crackdown on nip slips, the photo may not stay up for long. As for Berry? There’s just no stopping her.

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