Hajj 2020: Pioneers to assemble at Mount Arafat nowadays


On the ninth of the Zul Hijjah month, travelers will arrive at the fields of the Mount Arafat on Thursday, as the Saudi Wellbeing Service will make extraordinary courses of action for the “downsized” Hajj in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. General clinics at Arafat have been introduced which is able have doctors, specialists and seriously care medical caretakers to assist pioneers. The wellbeing arrangements will moreover bargain with any pioneer enduring from a warm stroke or stress. A camp has been arranged by the government in Arafat to confine any COVID-19 understanding among the pioneers for restorative treatment. On the other hand, the Saudi Gracious Resistance powers will be prepared to supply security to the pioneers as they make their way to the heavenly place. “All parties included are carrying out their errands to handle any dangers agreeing to the common arrange for the Haj pilgrimage,” said The commander of the Respectful Defense for Hajj, Maj. Gen. Hamoud Al Faraj.

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