Hailey stands up for husband Justin



After the “Sorry” singer revealed on Instagram that he was diagnosed with Lyme disease, many people began sending him rude and mean messages on social media. Hailey, however, decided to clap back at the trolls who were making fun of Justin. “For those who are trying to downplay the severity of Lyme disease. Please do your research and listen to the stories of people who have suffered with it for years,” Hailey tweeted. “Making fun of and belittling a disease you don’t understand is never the way, all it takes is educating yourself.” Justin wrote a lengthy post about his diagnosis, sharing that he would talk about his serious symptoms in his upcoming YouTube documentary series, Justin Bieber: Seasons. “While a lot of people kept saying Justin Bieber looks like sh*t, on meth etc. they failed to realize I’ve been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that but had a serious case of chronic mono which affected my, skin, brain function, energy, and overall health,” Bieber began, before confirming that people will find out more in his series.

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