H.E. Aibek Arif Usmanov graced the commemoration ceremony organized by COPAIR on the 538th Anniversary of Great Mughal King Zaheer-Ud-Din Muhammad Babur

Great Mughal Zaheer- ud- din Babar laid foundation of Cordial Pakistan Uzbekistan multilateral relations: President COPAIR


The President of Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) Ms Amna Malik and Ambassador of Uzebkistan H.E. Aibek Arif Usmanov presented a tribute to the Great Mughal Emperor King Zaheer-ud-Din Muhammad Babur on his 538 anniversary. The event was convened at Serena Hotel Islamabad and members of civil society, academia, and business community attended the session.
Ms Amna Malik commenced her speech by stating the fact that the decent of His Majesty Zaheer-ud-din Babar –the Great Mughal Emperor – was from the valley of Farghana and he was a loyal son of Uzbekistan. She said that Emperor Babar was a visionary leader who laid the foundation of the Mughal Empire and instituted various political and economic reforms in the region. He is known as the “Man of Wars and Words”. Ms Malik while commending the extraordinary achievements of Babar said that he have a zeitgeist appeal beyond the region and the translation of Babur Nama (an autobiography of Babur) in several languages supports this fact. She underlined that Babur was an exemplary leader, reformer and a military strategist and his dreams of peace and harmony, and regional connectivity are now realized through fraternal ties of Uzbekistan and Pakistan. She concluded by saying that Emperor has a special place in hearts of the people of Pakistan and Uzbekistan and will always be remembered as hero of the Central Asian and South Asian region.

H.E. Aibek Arif Usmanov, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Pakistan extended his gratitude to the President COPAIR Amna Malik for convening a wonderful commemoration ceremony for the Great Mughal King H.M. Zaeer-Ud-Din Muhammad Babur. He showed his affection towards Pakistani people by calling them Jigars which in Uzbek language mean the relatives. His Excellency said that Babur’s legacy is the genuine part of Turkic, Persian and Islamic Renaissance in South Asia and it belongs definitely Pakistan, Uzbekistan and all the countries in the Central Asia as well as Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey. He also commended the recent visit the Governor Punjab Muhammad Sawar Chaudhary to Ferghana, Uzbekistan, which is Babur’s homeland, and highlighted the success of trilateral meeting held last week in Tashkent where Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan signed the Road map of railway connectivity. He endorsed that it is the result of our close cooperation that we are not only getting along in the economic, transport, and scientific domains but also supporting each other in cultural and humanitarian programs. H.E. concluded by saying that the contribution of Pakistan is pivotal in restoration and furthering cultural and historic ties and the legacy of Babur and his ancestors is the most brilliant part of our past, present and future’s endeavors.
President COPAIR Amna Malik and Research Associate Awais Siddique presented a shield to His Excellency Aibek Arif Usmanov.

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