Green Middle East Initiative


Notwithstanding the current geopolitical intrigue of the Middle East region, Saudi crown prince announces Green Saudi Initiative with a define road map that will protect the region from the havocs of climate Change. It account to this, initiatives are set to apply a number of ambitious programs that may assist to reduce carbon emissions by 60%  in the region and plant 50 billion trees in the world’s biggest afforestation project.

The initiative will also work to increase the percentage of protected land to more than 30 %, exceeding the global target at 17 % per country. It will reduce carbon emissions by more than four percent of global contributions through renewable energy projects that will provide 50% of the Kingdom’s electricity production by year 2030. This fresh policy initiative holds immense significance in improving the global Climate crisis.  The KSA-led initiative got heap phrased globally, Pakistan Prime Minster also hailed the newly introduced policy of the KSA and also reiterated commitment to play its role.

It is noted that the newly elected Biden administration has recently announced climate-change summit that to be held on April 22 and 23. Which 40 heads of state and government, including leaders are invited, such initiatives must seek preferential treatment by all the global actors as this alarming trend is posing a difficult challenge to the human being across the globe. Furthermore, the drastic situation necessitates a globally developed consensus, irrespective of personal interests of the states.

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