Govt to create no hurdle for PDM’s march: Interior Minister

The opposition failed to defeat the government on any motion or bill during its three and a half years in power so far: Sheikh Rashid


RAWALPINDI: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid here on Wednesday said that the government would not create any hurdle for the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) long march. Addressing the participants of a ceremony he said that the long march would result in political humiliation for the opposition alliance.

He said that he had previously asked the PDM to change the date of its march to some other day, as the leaders from different Muslim countries would be in the capital to attend an Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit on March 23 and also the Pakistan Day. March 23 was very sensitive, he said, several main roads would be closed, and possibly cellular services may also be closed due to the arrival of foreign dignitaries for the OIC meeting.

The Interior Minister said, “If you want to annoy the Muslim leaders for the sake of your personal politics then the PDM should come on March 23. Come on March 23 and you will face a political defeat and be humiliated. We will create no problem for you if you don’t create any problem for the law.”

He questioned the purpose of the opposition’s march. The opposition would fail to gather the public saying, how many participations of the public was in the tractor trolley rallies, he said.

The opposition failed to defeat the government on any motion or bill during its three and a half years in power so far, he added. To a question, he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan and the establishment enjoyed very good relations. Replying to another question, Sh Rashid said the Prime Minister would go to China on Feb 3 and the premier’s trip to China would yield very good results.

He informed that a swimming pool would be constructed here at Liaquat Bagh sports complex at a cost of Rs 100 million while a total of Rs 300 million was being spent to provide facilities including a hostel for sportsmen. The Minister said that three universities and 60 colleges had been established in Rawalpindi city to promote girls’ education.

All-out efforts were being made to start construction work on the Nullah Lai project which would be completed at an estimated cost of Rs 120 billion, he said adding, the Rawalpindi Ring Road project would also be started soon. Nullah Lai project would change the fate of the citizens particularly those living near the Lai, he said adding, they would be allowed to construct commercial plazas. The rates of their properties would increase considerably, he added.

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