Gov’t taken stringent measures to strengthen economy: PM

Government has steered the country out of difficult times including corona and economic instability


SAIDU SHARIF: Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday came down heavily on the hurriedly cobbled opposition alliance pursuing the scandalous “Changa Manga” politics and said coming days will prove to bedefining moments in Pakistan’s history.

“As I have invited people in Islamabad on March 27 [for a rally], nation should come out to tell that they stand with the truth and not with thieves, dacoits, hypocrites and the slaves of America,” Imran Khan said while addressing a huge public gathering here at the Grassy Ground.

The Prime Minister said that “bags of notes” were being used from Sindh House in Islamabad for horse trading and buying conscience of the members of parliament like Nawaz Sharif [former prime minister] did in Changa Manga in the past.

“Does the Constitution allow horse trading? Does any democracy in the world allow this? Is this practice allowed in UK, the democracy to which we follow?” he remarked while posing a question to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that the opposition parties were doing all this to protect their corruption. “They know that if Imran Khan remains in power, all of them would be in jails”, he remarked.

He regretted that the opposition parties have decided, if they succeed, to abolish the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) law and withdraw their cases. “They don’t even feel shamed”, he remarked.

The Prime Minister while referring to the opposition parties’ no-trust motion said that he would hunt down the “three mice”, which have joined hands and come out to defeat him.

He was critical of the PML-N and PPP for raising the country’s debt four times during their 10 years of rule [2008-18] and spending public money on private foreign visits. “They protected their personal interests at the cost of country’s interest”, he remarked.

The Prime Minister urged the people of Swat to come out against the corrupt for the sake of country and the future of their children.

Challenging the PML-N and PPP to compare their governments’ performance with that of PTI’s during the last over three years he said that the opposition parties feared from the country’s progress achieved by PTI government.

The Prime Minister said that the way his government tackled the situation of COVID-19 pandemic as well as the country’s economy through successful policies was appreciated by the world.

He mentioned historic increase in the country’s exports and revenue collection which led to government’s decision to reduce the price of petrol and diesel by Rs. 10 per liter and electricity tariff by Rs. 5 per unit.

The Prime Minister also mentioned the record production of wheat, maize, rice and sugarcane crops, which led to realization of additional incomes for farmers; enhanced IT sector exports; billion tree tsunamis to tackle the challenge of climate change as the present government’s achievements.

He further said that the initiation of 10 dam projects including Mohmand, Dasu and Diamer Bhasha to be completed by the years 2025 and 2028 will increase the country’s water reservoirs and help boost agriculture sector.

Prime Minister Imran Khan speaking about the corruption of PML-N and PPP governments in the past said the sons of a thrice-elected prime minister [Nawaz Sharif] were living abroad and considered them unaccountable on the pretext that they were not Pakistani citizens.

Similarly, he said, the daughter of Nawaz Sharif, who was a beneficial owner of four apartments in London, was also unable to tell about the source of funds utilized for purchasing those apartments.

Ishaq Dar, who was accused of corruption, and his sons were also living in London, he mentioned.

The Prime Minister said that Shahbaz Sharif, who was accused of corruption worth billions of rupees in the case of bank deposits of “Maqsood  Chaprassi” and other servants, instead of giving reply to the court, was used to get adjournments in the case through various excuses.Prime Minister Imran Khan says PTI has always represented public sentiments due to which it emerges victorious at all fronts.

He was talking to members of the National Assembly, who called on him in Islamabad today (Wednesday).

The Prime Minister expressed the belief that the government, with overwhelming public support, will also succeed on the current political front.

He advised the parliamentarians to intensify their public contacts and mobilise party workers in their respective constituencies.

During the meeting, progress on development projects in their respective constituencies and political situation also came under discussion.

Those, who called on the Prime Minister include Makhdoom Zain Hussain Qureshi, Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, Tahir Iqbal, Aurangzeb Khan, Riaz Fatiyana, Sardar Nasrullah Dareeshak, Najeeb Haroon, Sardar Muhammad Khan Legahari, Asma Qadeer, and Jawaria Zafar.

MNA from Sindh Saima Nadeem, Member Sindh Assembly Rabia Azfar, General Secretary General PTI Sindh Mubeen Jatoi and Arslan Ghumman also met the Prime Minister.

The parliamentarians congratulated the Prime Minister on UN resolution regarding the International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

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