Govt, private sector should jointly fight breast cancer: Samina Alvi


The first lady of Pakistan Samina Arif Alvi on Thursday said Pakistan ranks highest amongst breast cancer affected countries in all of Asia.
The government and masses should join hands to tackle the menace of breast cancer which has become a leading cause of deaths in women, she said.
Speaking at a Breast Cancer Awareness Session organized by Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI), she said that the Government is trying to maximize the possibilities of early detection of breast cancer to save lives.
Ms Alvi said that there are more than 80 percent chances of a complete survival if the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage.
An estimated 90,000 cases are being annually reported in our country, and over 40,000 to 45,000 deaths are caused by it which is disturbing, she said, adding that one in every nine Pakistani women develops breast cancer at some stage of her life, she informed.
Speaking at the occasion, Samina Fazil, founder President IWCCI, Farida Rashid President IWCCI and others said according to a study by the World Health Organisation, breast cancer remains the most common of all cancers that impact people, particularly women, across the world.
They said that we want to educate women and encourage them to talk about this disease as shyness can be fatal while early diagnosis can save lives and make a difference in which cultural restrictions and poverty is a major hurdle.
Samina Fazil advised all the women to be cautious about any initial abnormality and complication and to women above 40 years of age to have mammography once a year to make breast cancer a disease of past. She also advised all the stakeholders to be a part of this national cause.
She also highlighted the key role of women in the development and prosperity of the country saying that they deserve better health cover as over 200 deaths per day is not acceptable.

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