Govt committed to kill debasement from nation: FM


Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that the administration is resolved to kill defilement from the nation through better enactment with the help of restriction.

In an announcement on Monday, he said that the drafts identifying with FATF, National Security and National Accountability Bureau have been sent to resistance.

He said the legislature expects that the resistance will investigate the issue with an open heart and after reaction got from the restriction, these issues will be examined sitting together.

The Foreign Minister said procedure of enactment proceeds as treasury and resistance have various perspectives on various laws.

He said a 24-part parliamentary advisory group has been comprised to work out on these distinctions for a superior enactment.

He said that laws against defilement are not intended to bug anybody unreasonably yet the individuals who plundered the nation mercilessly ought to be brought to book.

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