Islamabad :
Unemployed workers of a foreign company are looking for wages, Usman Dar
Ever since Khwaja Sahib left the Dubai company, he has been wandering around in panic, Usman Dar
Nowadays, all their livelihood is based on criticism of Imran Khan and the government, Usman Dar
Critics tell us which milk and honey streams were left in your time, Usman Dar
Due to your incompetence, corruption and kickbacks, the projects were delayed, Usman Dar
Today, work is being carried out on transparency and merit in every project, Usman Dar
The entire league leadership is busy rubbing his heels in defense of the corrupt leader, Usman Dar
Don’t tell us how to run the government, Usman Dar
If the government was sponsoring the mafia, you wouldn’t be making a fuss, Usman Dar
If you had to patronize the mafia, the first thing that would happen to you was Usman Dar
The result of Imran Khan’s struggle and the biggest Sicilian mafia is in front of you, Usman Dar
The real ringleader of the mafia took his plates and went out, leaving the spoons behind, Usman Dar
Those who talked about big projects could not give even a single ventilator in their constituency
What health facility did you give to the constituency from which you were elected to Parliament? Osman Dar
Not having a single ventilator in any hospital in Sialkot is enough for your disability, Usman Dar
Delivering ventilators in Sialkot hospitals through his efforts, Usman Dar
Management of more than 125 high flow oxygen beds has been handed over to the hospital, Usman Dar said
The people of Sialkot want to know what you gave them in return for votes. Osman Dar

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