Global Food Security Call for Action


The whole world is working hard to get a grip on the COVID 19 pandemic that had created severe disruptions to livelihoods and wreaking havoc to the global economy for the past 2 years.  Lockdowns have had a huge impact the global food system and governments and businesses have been working enough on removing the holdups and solving the vulnerabilities in the global food chain.  To make matters worse, climate change has contributed to increased impulsiveness and disturbances in weather conditions, leading to devastating outcomes in livestock and crop production. As we enter 2022, with countries pushing towards recovery, old problems remained. Global hunger has increased by an estimated 118 million people worldwide, resulting in an estimated 768 million starvation deaths. The number of people living with malnutrition increased by 318 million to 2.38 billion. Against this background, two important challenges have arisen. First, food inflation caused by rising demand and global supply chain issues. Another problem is the lack of fertilizer which leads to an increase in its price. Such problems include a situation that is already a global food security challenge. To deal with this vulnerable situation, United States hold a meeting ‘Global Food Security Call for Action’ on 18th of May.  Secretary of State Antony Blinken chaired the Global Food Security Call to Action meeting of foreign ministers from approximately 30 regionally diverse countries reviewed the urgent humanitarian and development needs and identified steps to address global food security, nutrition, and resilience. Ministers were invited to speak in sessions focused on humanitarian needs and longer-term development efforts required to save lives and build resilience for the future.  Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also went on for a short visit to participate in a ministerial meeting on ‘Global Food Security Call for Action’ and the Security Council’s open debate on ‘Maintenance of International Peace and Security – Conflict and Food Security’. It is a right time for the world to speed up the process of innovation for food security to lightspeed.

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