Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy


The UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy is a unique global instrument to enhance national, regional and international efforts to counter terrorism. Through its adoption by consensus in 2006, all UN Member States agreed the first time to a common strategic and operational approach to fighting terrorism. The Strategy does not only send a clear message that terrorism is unacceptable in all its forms and manifestations but it also resolves to take practical steps, individually and collectively, to prevent and combat terrorism. Those practical steps include a wide array of measures ranging from strengthening state capacity to counter terrorist threats to better coordinating UN System’s counter-terrorism activities.

For decades, terrorism and violent extremism have been, and continue to be, one of the foremost threats to international peace and security. Unfortunately, all around the world terrorism continues to claim innocent lives and terrorist organisation continue to target civilians and security forces, attack public facilities, forcefully recruit children, radicalize young people and abduct and execute, civilians and security forces.

In order to finance their terrorist acts, these organizations engage in other forms of transnational crimes, namely, extortion and kidnap for ransom, drug trafficking, money laundering, human trafficking and prostitution, smuggling arms and refugees, and trading in human organs.

Terrorist acts, not only kill and injure individuals, they traumatize communities and societies. By targeting innocent people, terrorism is in fact targeting the rule of law, every fundamental human right, social wellbeing, development and economic progress. Thousands of people around the world each year become victims of terrorism. Often, it is women and children who are most severely impacted.

Terrorism is a scourge that knows no borders. The impact of terrorist acts can be felt around the globe. Like all transnational threats to international security, cooperation remains the key to effectively countering terrorism.

Therefore, the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and its regular review are crucial. Through its adoption by consensus 15 years ago all UN Member States agreed for the first time on a common strategic and operational approach to fighting terrorism. The Strategy, and its four pillars, embodies the enduring consensus of the international community for a comprehensive and principled blueprint to fight terrorism.

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