Gigi, Zayn linkup rumours take internet by storm


Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s off-and-on relationship has engulfed the entire showbiz world and the former flames are making headlines yet again after reports of their reconciliation started floating on the web. Now, according to Cheat Sheet, sparks between the ex-lovers are flying once again after Gigi broke up with her temporary beau Tyler Cameron a few weeks ago.
As per a source, the supermodel has once again reconnected with Zayn and the two are very much in communication. But to their fans’ dismay they strictly want to keep things platonic.
The two have continued to talk and support one another since their breakup, but they’re not dating or talking like that anymore, just friends, the source said.She still has some lingering feelings for him sure but she won’t go through getting back together with him, another source shared. It said, “She’s already tried. They were spending more time together before the Tyler relationship. Her family wants her to be happy and they know he’s not the one for her either.

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