Geo-Economic Vision


The fundamental policy goal of the government of Pakistan is to ensure economic stability and also pursue Pakistan’s geo-economic vision. From Pakistan’s lens, sitting at the crossroads of South, Central, and West Asia makes it one of the key actors in the realm of regional multilateral affairs. To take full advantage of its geographic presence, Pakistan aims to shift its focus from geo-politics to geo-economics through interest maximization based on enhancing connectivity and paving the path for all-encompassing development. The reflection of the envisioned economic connectivity of inclusive growth and development can be witnessed in Pakistan’s civil, and military leadership’s initiatives toward non- non-confrontational neighborhood policy.   In pursuit of Pakistan’s prosperity, this holistic shift in its foreign policy trajectory opened up fresh corridors of diplomatic engagement. There must be a shift from the current short-term focus of the economic stability program toward a credible long-term strategy – that may require some bridge financing to stabilize long-term economic growth. The new strides will not only enable Pakistan to ensure its domestic social and economic stability but will also assist Pakistan to accomplish its desired endeavors globally. At the domestic level, Political coalitions must be strengthened, as they are required to push for reform. Any reform that is passed must be accompanied by legislative reforms by provincial governments. There must also be a clear political calculus on how to change and bring reform. All of this needs to be strategically thought out by the parliament. In addition to this, to ensure that opportunities reach all corners of a country and all citizens within its borders, a Territorial Development approach is necessary when designing public policy with the spatial concentration that can be harnessed to improve living conditions everywhere, enabling the convergence of living standards across the country.

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