Gems & Jewelry Sector will have Significant Impact on Pakistan’s Economy, says Gul Asghar Khan Baghoor

The exhibition would provide an opportunity to the businessmen to showcase the best of Pakistani gemstones, diamonds, jewelry and mineral specimens from across the country


ISLAMABAD: The three-day 21st Pakistan Gems and Minerals show kicked off in Islamabad. ALL Pakistan  Commercial Exporters Association (APCEA) has organized the three-day expo.
The exhibition would provide an opportunity to the businessmen to showcase the best of Pakistani gemstones, diamonds, jewelry and mineral specimens from across the country. The main purpose of the expo is to attract foreign investment in non-conventional sectors like gems and jewelry and to promote small and medium enterprise (SME). Precious stones, gems, ornaments, silver, gold and diamond jewelry were put on display at more than 50 stalls established at the exhibition.
A technical convention with respect to cutting, polishing and certification of gems will also be held on the sidelines of the exhibition. Haji Dost Mohammad, Chairman Exhibition Gem Stone addressing the ceremony, We have received full support from the government, Let this sector be given the status of an industry which is necessary of time.
E-commerce should be given basic status, and its notification should be issued. All those associated with our sector should also cooperate fully with the government to take this sector to the next level
In his address, the group leader Mr. Dost Mohammed said that the industry has huge potential for value addition and profitability but due to lack of appreciation, the industry is far below the regional competitors, who are engaged in the mining, cutting, polishing and trading of gemstones.
Prime Minister Imran Khan Task Force Gems Stone Chairman Gul Asghar Khan Baghur Addresses Opening Ceremony of  Exhibition. He  thank you to all the members of APCEA who organized this exhibition. Chairman of Task Force, Engr. Gul Asghar Khan highlighted the potential of gemstones found in Pakistan, the problems faced by the industry and the need to develop an investor-friendly working environment to realize the real worth of these natural endowments. The Chairman particularly mentioned the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to enhance the exports of gemstones and jewelry to its maximum potential. The Task Force underlined the need for ease of doing business, one window operation for the investors and development of a model Gemstone & Jewelry City in Islamabad. Chairman of Prime Minister’s task force on Gems and Jewelry, Engineer Gul Asghar Khan Baghoor has said working groups will be formed to increase exports of precious gemstones.
He said In September, we briefed the Prime Minister on this sector issues,
India’s market went up to  40 million dollars in the world but India does not have a Gem stones industry.
Pakistan has Gem Stone and we are exporting 10 million dollars only. This means that some government agencies are not doing their job well.
Exports of Pakistan will increase soon because We are trying to raise another 5 million by exporting this in the world market. We have had 26 meetings with Gem Stone so far with prime minister. Among them we planned mid-term and long-term projects
We will follow in the footsteps of India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in this area. In Pakistan, no one has been able to develop this sector yet, We have made 26 suggestions for the betterment of this sector. He suggested that no tax would be levied on any businessman for starting a new business. So that businessmen can easily come in this field
Gold refinery license will be issued
We proposed to the SBP to make the loan easier. The world has moved to e-commerce today Pakistan Gem and Jewelery Export Council has been proposed which will be given to this department. And will work like Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. Gul Asghar Khan said  Legislation is needed to grow Gem Stone’s business, and work has begun.  Involve regional managers from each province to solicit suggestions
We will have a further meeting with the Prime Minister next week on these suggestions. After reforms in this area, we will increase exports by 5 million. Haji Mamoor, Chairman, APCEA said that Gem Stone’s business was established 1983 in Pakistan.
After holding our exhibitions, the world came to know that Pakistan is a huge industry of gem stones. India has only diamonds markets not Gem Stones but they progress in the world due to their Government support. We request the Chairman Task Force to take the suggestions and decisions of the Chairmen from the four provinces and give us a good news regarding.

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