Framing Narratives



Media is considered an important pillar of democracy, politicians around the world use media as a tool to shape public opinion regarding their agenda. Media helps political parties around the world to reach out to the masses. Politicians often hire PR and media team who handles their public campaigns, press conferences to get the most coverage on mainstream media to shape public opinions regarding their policies. Political candidates during elections often use media as a tool to blame and spread rumors regarding the opposing candidates i.e., politicians launch public campaigns on various mediums of media like television, and in recent times there has been a record increase in political campaigns on social media. To shape public opinion politicians have much more control over what to report and how how to report.

People all around the world rely on mass media a lot, all sorts of information are accessible by a click on their smart devices. In the 21st century, media rely on advertisements a lot as it is one of the major sources of earning for mediums of media. The advertisements have the power to shape people’s opinions regarding their buying behavior. Advertisements hire celebrities to have an impact on consumer’s minds by giving out a message that the products they are selling are used by celebrities, which encourages consumer behavior to buy that particular product.

Media is used as an important medium to build perception regarding public awareness, as today the message media delivers is accessible to the masses. Public service messages are often advertised in newspapers, television, radio, and social media. Messages regarding health and safety are regularly advertised by the government and various Ngo’s


A very recent public service message to build public perception was awareness content regarding Covid-19 on almost all mediums of media. Government and NGOs both started a campaign through media to spread awareness about what is coronavirus and how to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.


It will not be wrong to say that influence of media is increasing day by day, the message we are getting through media shapes our opinion to an extent that it changes both our attitudes and behavior. The influence of media can be positive and negative it all depends on how people around the world are perceiving the messages.

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