FM Qureshi, Ukrainian counterpart discuss evacuation of Pakistani community, students

Nation ready to give befitting response to any aggression: Qureshi


ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi held a telephonic conversation with Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba here on Sunday and shared Pakistan’s perspective in detail, reiterating serious concern at the situation, underscoring the importance of de-escalation, and stressing the indispensability of diplomacy.

The Foreign Minister noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan in his recent visit to Moscow regretted the latest situation between Russia and Ukraine and said that Pakistan had hoped diplomacy could avert a military conflict.

He stressed that conflict was not in anyone’s interest and that the developing countries were always hit the hardest economically, in case of conflict. The Foreign Minister underlined Pakistan’s belief that disputes should be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy.

Foreign Minister Qureshi also took up the important matter of evacuation of the Pakistani community and students in Ukraine and their safe return to Pakistan.

He appreciated the role played by the Ukrainian authorities in the evacuation process and asked for continued facilitation and smooth border crossing at the earliest possible.

The two Foreign Ministers agreed to remain in contact. Pakistan embassy in Ukraine is making all-out efforts to evacuate the stranded Pakistani nationals at the earliest, amidst the deepening Russian-Ukraine conflict.

According to details shared by Pakistan Embassy in Ukraine, the Pakistanis were being evacuated from Ternopil and Lviv to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania and the embassy was coordinating with the respective missions there for the onward facilitation.

About 4,000 Pakistani nationals, mostly married to Ukrainians, had already left on the advice of the mission whereas, 3,000 students also left the war zone while the remaining 600-700 students were being evacuated. The mission has established different focal points for facilitation and evacuation of Pakistani citizens, which are:-

Embassy of Pakistan in Ternopil contact details: 00380636968264, 00923329184350, 00380638282984. Focal Point at Kyiv +380681734727 Facilitation desk in Lviv +380932197175, +380637019154. The embassy sharing further details about the evacuation process said that so far, 125 Pakistani citizens including students, community, and families of staff, had been evacuated from Ukraine. 376 nationals were already at the Ukraine-Poland crossing, 4 persons were at the Ukraine-Romania border and 9 others were at the Ukraine-Hungary border.

A total of 84 Pakistanis had crossed over to Poland. In total, 137 Pakistanis have been evacuated on Sunday noon. Pak embassy making strenuous efforts to evacuate nationals as Russian-Ukraine conflict deepens

Lviv, Ukraine; A total of 35 Pakistani students from Kharkiv and 3 students from other cities had been received by Lviv facilitation desk. 30 students from Kharkiv were on their way to Lviv by train while 7 students had reached Ternopil.

The embassy further said that it was providing accommodation to students in Ternopil and transportation wherever possible especially from Lviv to border crossings.

The curfew had been imposed for the last three days in key cities and the administration had asked the people to remain in safe places. Different cities including Lviv and Ternopil were being hit.

It said the majority of students from Kharkiv had already reached Lviv and departed to the Poland border. Pakistan Ambassador to Ukraine Dr. Noel. I. Khokhar had spoken with Ukraine Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Yenin Yevheniy regarding expediting the exit facilitation for the Pakistani citizens while, the embassy had requested a meeting with the commander of border posts at the Ukraine-Poland border, so that issues of Pakistanis stuck on the Ukrainian side and waiting for an exit, could be highlighted.

Pakistan’s ambassador to Hungary Muhemmed Aejaz received the students who arrived in Poland.

Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi Sunday said that the nation was united and ready to give a befitting response to any aggression.

In a video message with regard to the Indian botched airstrikes on February 27, 2019, the foreign minister said that he wanted to salute the armed forces of the country for achieving success against terrorism and securing the future of every child of the country.

He also lauded the unmatched sacrifices and greatness of Shuhada and their families.

Foreign minister Qureshi, in a veiled reference to recent voting in the United Nations Security Council over Russia-Ukraine conflict, said the double standards of Modi’s government had been exposed to the world.

On one hand, it was declaring itself to be a part of the QUAD, and claimed a net security provider, but on the other hand, when a resolution was tabled, it abstained, he said, adding India called upon the West to support it viz e viz China, but when the time arrived, it gave mixed signals to those with whom it touted to have firm ties. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) has become the voice of the whole country.

Addressing the Sindh Huqooq March in Sukkur on Saturday night, he said that PPP is now confined to Sindh province only due its anti-people policies and the masses of Sindh have to think about their future.

He said that PPP-led Sindh government has completely failed to provide relief to the people even in 15 years. He said the province is facing law and order situation including other issues and the youth should to come forward for change.

The Foreign Minister expressed regret that the federal government wants to provide health card to the people of Sindh, but the provincial government is creating hurdles.

Earlier, addressing the March, Federal Minister Ali Zaidi said education, water, health and infrastructure systems in Sindh have been destroyed and the ruling party in the province is involved in hoarding. He said”PTI, under the leadership of Imran Khan will form government in the province next year.”

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