FM Qureshi launches Khushhal Pakistan app for farmers


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Tuesday launched a new agriculture application “Khushhal Pakistan” to provide timely information to farmers. Speaking at a ceremony here, he said economic and social progress could be made by focusing on the agriculture sector. “For this purpose, a long time back, we laid the foundation of the farmers’ association.” Its aim was to bring innovations to increase the production of agriculture, he added. He said, “We have fertile land and we have to utilize new ways to increase production of crops.” He said, “Most of our population is directly or indirectly related to agriculture and the challenge is to make an indebted country like Pakistan prosperous and bring it out of the bondage of the International Monetary Fund.”

He said he was using the word bondage to clarify that when a loan was taken from someone, he would give it under strict conditions. He said Pakistan had the potential to fulfill its economic needs by using its water resources in a better way which was possible with the use of technology. He said there were challenges in the agriculture sector, adding firstly a large section of society was living below the poverty line. Provision of jobs was the second challenge while the third challenge was food security and all these challenges could be overcome by making the farmer prosperous. The minister said capabilities of the public sector departments had decreased while the private sector was moving ahead, adding partnership of public and private sectors was needed to make progress.

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