FM Bilawal discusses Islamophobic actions in India with OIC Secretary General


Islamabad: Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has urged the OIC and its member states to step up their efforts for protecting the life, dignity, property, culture, heritage and religious freedom of the Indian Muslims.

In a telephonic conversation with the OIC Secretary General Hissein Brahim Taha on Sunday, he urged the Organization to take immediate cognizance of the aggravating situation of Islamophobia in India.

The Foreign Minister strongly condemned the high-handed treatment by the Indian authorities of the peaceful protests after Friday prayers over the derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

The Foreign Minister observed that the derogatory remarks made by the high-ranking BJP officials have deeply hurt the sentiments of the Muslims around the globe.

He noted that the BJP’s attempted clarification, and the belated and perfunctory ‘disciplinary’ action against the responsible individuals, could not assuage the pain and anguish they had caused to the Muslim world.

The OIC Secretary General expressed deep concern over the insulting remarks, as well as the unending plight of Indian Muslims.

Both sides recalled the resolutions and pronouncements of the UN and OIC on Islamophobia, and decided to remain in contact to explore avenues of combatting Islamophobia in India, and mitigating the sufferings of Indian Muslims.

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