Flooding and Climate Change


Lately, the world is experiencing some major climate changes. The most common of them is the floods in various parts of the world. It is said that Flooding from intense summer rainfall is going to happen more frequently. No city, town, or village is immune to flooding. Recently, the UK, China, and other parts of Europe faced destructive floods.

In London flooding affected services across the transport network. Several Underground train stations were heavily flooded, disrupting services. Two London-area hospitals, Newham University Hospital and Whipps Cross University Hospital, were affected by the rains. Further, many cars were in floodwater.

Similarly, in China, more than 200 cars were caught in a highway tunnel in central China when record-setting rainfall soaked the area. Twelve people have died after record-breaking rainfall flooded underground railway tunnels. Further, 25 people have died in Henan province and more than a dozen cities are affected. In the provincial capital Zhengzhou, the equivalent of a year’s average rainfall has fallen in just three days. More than a million people are displaced because of the catastrophic flooding.

Further, at least 103 people were reported dead and dozens missing Friday in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands after heavy storms and rainfall caused rivers and water reservoirs to burst their banks and flash floods turned streets into raging torrents, sweeping away cars and destroying buildings.

In this regard, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa warned that the world is facing a “climate crossover”. She further added,” The world is currently on the opposite track, heading for a 3°C rise,” she said. “We need to change course urgently.” Therefore, it can be seen that the most advanced and strong countries are not safe from climate change. Global warming is not just a mere term but affecting the course of the planet. It is high time for us to realize the seriousness of this issue and change our lifestyle accordingly.

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