FATF and Indian Heinous Crimes


FATF urged Pakistan to complete it’s all the remaining suggested compliance protocols within the given deadline of the so-called grace period. This duplicity at every point and agenda of the adversaries the global watchdog is pursuing through irrationality and prejudice. A state that has shown maximum anticipation by topping the chart of considerable measures taken by it, more than any other state is unnecessarily being pushing harder. It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan has completed 21 suggested agendas out of 27 which is something exceptional given the current gruesome situation posed by the pandemic worldwide. On the other hand, it has given free hands to the other states that are designated in the blacklist. Appraisal of Indian case study suggests that FATF deliberately ignoring its heinous acts of Money laundering and Terror Financing. Indian banks are involved in suspicious transactions of million dollars whereas according to the World Bank report Pakistan banking system has improved massively and it has shown remarkable betterment in terms of ensuring transparency. Likewise, Indian scams of propaganda warfare and terror financing against China and Pakistan by the Dinfo Lab recent fact revelations of the past fifteen years are also ignored by the FATF body. One of the most notable development, The WhatsApp chat leak of a key Indian journalist that validated Indian entails Indian self-designed Pulwama attack to pursue the domestic political mileage also remains unchecked by the global watchdog. The only reason for such dual standards oriented from economic interests attach with India. Over the years, Delhi has become the key client of running the arms industry of the western powers that hold influence in the FATF main body. Any coercive move will hamper their interest thus Indian attains cordial response for its crimes of Money laundering and Terror Financing.


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