Fantastic Tea is Piping Hot


The derivation of this phrase belongs to maritime affairs where ships show a false flag to camouflage and hide their intent.  In this context, raising false flag comes from the domain of conspiracy and the purpose of these coercive methods are to deceive public by any state or government. Such pseudo-operations are conducted to peruse a long-term strategy envisaging to justify aggression or to collect the vote bank from public. In past many deceptive operations have been directed. In July 1942 Himmler by Hitler, Operation Northwood by the U.S., and Lavon Affair executed by Israel are few of them.

Since ancient times, false flag operations have been part of politics. Recently, India is continuously plotting such operations against Pakistan with frenzied radical Hindutva ideology by killing own people in Mumbai and later in Pulwama. India is executing its venomous campaigns by censuring media and blaming other countries for the terrorism. Its false flag operations have aims to unite its culturally despondent nation. Being diverse mix of cultures and religions country, it has always been in desperate need of nation-building.

India has a dubious history of executing such false flag operations. In March 2000, a mass killing of around thirty-five Sikhs took place in Anantnag, Initially Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Pakistan were accused of this massacre and later the Indian court denied it. This bloodshed occurred during the visit of President Clinton to India and Pakistan. The purpose was to produce more U.S. pressure on Pakistan and to discredit Pakistan internationally. On December 2001, the Indian Parliament was attacked and accused Pakistan without any investigation that resulted into a full-scale military stand-off at borders.

Another false flag operation of India was exposed in the form of the Pulwama attack to gain political interest government led by PM Modi and RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) played a Pre-election stratagem. In this context, the Pulwama and Balokot subsequent failed attacks, the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) government achieved its aim of patriotic mobilization and gained political interests through its electoral strategy. Moreover, India has been playing dirty game through false flag operations and to portray itself as a victim of terrorism and conduct military action against Pakistan. PM Imran Khan realising this threat tweeted in May 2020, as “I am reiterating again that a false flag operation is imminent from India in order to divert world attention away from its ongoing genocide in IIOJK.”

In order to maintain their political gains, again India is making headlines carrying out “surgical strikes”. Now Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly election are expected in 2022 and Lok Sabah election campaign will start in 2023.Home Minister Amit Shah irresponsible, provocative and delusional’ statements threatening Pakistan with surgical strikes. In past, Pakistan has always been replying all illusion strikes and taught India a long-awaited lesson. The BJP-RSS combine tendency to stoke regional tensions for both ideological reasons and political expediency, based on enmity towards Pakistan while pertinent to mention India had alleged surgical strike carried out in 2016, a claim that was rubbished by Pakistan.

On Feb 26, 2019 India had tried to launch a similar operation but Pakistan’s swift response to India’s Balakot misadventure including the downing of Indian combat aircraft that was inside Pakistani territory and the capture of an Indian Air Force pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan. Later pilot was served the fantastic tea and released by Prime Minister Imran Khan as a peace gesture. A response operation launched by the Pakistan Air Force demonstrate the capacity and preparedness of our armed forces to deter Indian aggression.

Such false flag operation from India serve as smokescreens to divert global attention from India’s state terrorism and systematic human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and against minorities in India. Pakistan has repeatedly drawn the attention of the international community to India’s sinister designs of staging ‘false flag’ operations to implicate Pakistan and Kashmiris. “Pakistan is a peace-loving country and will spare no effort in resolutely thwarting any aggressive designs against it” Foreign Office Pakistan

History indicates that the capacity and preparedness of our armed forces demonstrates that as always a ‘fantastic tea is piping hot.’

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