Fading Cultures


Pakistan is a state where multiple ethnic groups are living with their own beautiful and rich cultures. All the four provinces including Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir have their distinct sub-national cultures and their mixture makes a national culture, which is a culture of Pakistan. The beauty of the state lies in the homogeneity among the different cultures. In cultural language is the most important tenet which provides an immediate sense of a strong bond among the people. The foundations of national unity are deeply embedded in the cultural variances. Punjab is the largest province of the state in terms of population. It comprises more than half of the state’s population. The word Punjab means “land of five Rivers.” because the five major rivers of the country are through the landmass of Punjab. Punjabi’s considered the largest ethnic group of Pakistan but the dilemma is that their culture is less exposed and practiced. It is witnessed that Punjabi’s are very much reluctant to speak their language, slangs and to wear their traditional attires.

Rich cultures produce rich histories in which intellectuals and thinkers grow and become the source of pride for their motherland. But unfortunately in the major cities of Punjab, if someone talks in the local language people discourage them by giving suspicious gazes. Language cannot be a criterion of intelligence it is just a medium to communicate with the fellows. Punjab arts council is striving hard to protect the culture and took some serious steps in this regard. They started brief theatrical performances, dramas, Lok-songs, cultural demonstrations, etc. which were held throughout the year in different cities of the province. Punjabi’s should practice their culture; otherwise, this apologetic behavior of the Punjabi’s would let their culture towards extinction and the coming generations will surely unable to draw their cultural linkage with the ancestors. There is a dire need to protect the culture and it is the moral obligation of every resident of masses belonging to this nation and country.

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