Experts and fans think Gwen Stefani has had plastic surgery




Gwen Stefani looks a lot different than when she was the lead singer of the band, No Doubt. Now more than 30 years later, being a solo singer, an on-and-off judge and coach on ‘The Voice’ and country music singer, Blake Shelton’s girlfriend for the past four years, she looks more beautiful and happier than she ever could be. Has Gwen Stefani had plastic surgery? Experts and fans seem to believe so. Do you agree or do you think it is natural beauty? It may be hard for many fans to believe but Stefani, being a mother of three to young boys, has just turned 50 years old. She doesn’t look anywhere near her age though, does she? She looks every bit of 30 something years old instead of the big 5-0. Are her youthful looks because of plastic surgery she had done or are they because of how much happier she is now? Let’s weigh in on what looks different about her from more than 30 years ago.

When looking at pictures of her back then and now, she looks a lot different than when she was the lead singer of No Doubt. Back then, her lips were shaped different, she had a rounder face, and her nose was flatter than it is now. Does this mean she has had some work done over the years?

Although it isn’t anything new for a person’s looks to change over the years, especially for more than 30 years and none of us ever look the same as we age. However, her fans and the experts agree that something is a lot different with Stefani’s looks since she was in the band No Doubt. They all say she had some work done to her face to remain youthful-looking. Her facial features have definitely changed over the years but many have noticed that they have gone in reverse instead of making her age more. Instead of wrinkles on her face and neck and sagging skin like most of us get, she looks younger as she ages.

She has sharper and more defined facial features. This is why everyone agrees that she has had work done to her face over the years. She can definitely afford it, that’s for sure.

Experts definitely believe she has had plastic surgery done. According to Life & Style Magazine who spoke to two different experts with questions about whether or not she had plastic surgery, both experts agree she did.

According to Dr. Michelle Yagoda, just by looking at Stefani’s Instagram posts, she says, It looks like Gwen has had cheek filler, a rhinoplasty to smooth out the bump that can be seen in the side view of her nose, Botox to drop her top lip and reduce her gummy smile, lip injections, and a chin implant.

Dr. David Shafer, the second expert the magazine talked to agrees with Dr. Yagoda and says that it definitely looks like Stefani had chin implants and cheek injections. He also said that it actually looks like she overdid it on the cheek fillers and it doesn’t look as natural as it should on her.

Although these two experts and her fans all agree she has had plastic surgery done over the years, she has not yet confirmed the fact that she has. We may never know if Gwen Stefani has ever had any plastic surgery done or not. I guess we will just have to keep speculating until she lets us know whether or not she has work done on her face.

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