Man has always tried to conquer all and in the end, realized that he was fallible. This never stopped him from trying again and again but coming to an irrefutable conclusion again and again that he fails and fails miserably. God created an extremely imperfect being on earth and human history is mostly the story of failures and mishaps. Yes, there are rare examples of success here and there but most human beings are flawed. Man is a tottering, imperfect contraption; always in need of watching and patching and always on the edge of breaking into pieces. The history is replete with such characters and literature littered with them. Ironically this fragility, this absolute demolition at the hands of fate or flaw makes everything dear to us. Why? Because we see our own weaknesses in them, patting us on our backs, reassuring us that we are not alone. Definitely, “Everyone has a Waterloo”. Aren’t we all like Achilles, thinking that we are completely invincible yet destroyed by a small yet fatal weak spot, his heel. Who doesn’t know Oedipus, his rise to power is enough to make anyone believe that man can conquer all. But his pride leaves him blind, hated, and exiled with his own Waterloo. Jason paying the price with his life for something so trivial as hair. Hamlet’s death was his procrastination. In recent history, we have the iconic figure of Napoleon who being the best war General lost his most important battle due to nothing else but ‘torrential rain’ and his indecision to attack early. Maybe at Saint Helena, Napoleon would have thought repeatedly how the result could have been different, but the fact remains, everyone has a Waterloo and it cannot be undone. Adolf Hitler, a man who made the Germans win unbelievable conquests was also the main reason why Germany lost the war. He refused to accept the reality, took no advice from his Generals, and made poor decisions. Things can be so much better if we just accept the notion that we all are weak creatures. We lack perfection. I often watch some of the more cocky, pompous folks among us strut from one bad decision to another while never acknowledging their own mistakes and errors of judgment. The guilt is typically passed speedily, scapegoats are found and everyone is compelled to accept and move on. It is not at all an easy task to admit that one is full of errors, flaws, and inaccuracies. We are all Napoleons with our own Waterloos. We can be Katniss of ‘The Hunger Games’ our protection of those we love becomes our weakness. So am I. Here is my own ‘mea culpa’ my flaw, my Waterloo. I misjudged people, misjudged myself, misjudged situations, misjudged diagnosis, misjudged strategies. And some of those misjudgments have made us all regret at one point or another. In the end, I realized that I am not the only one flawed. Man is fallible by nature. We are all possessed by that ‘One disobedience’ that caused the ultimate ‘fall’ and made Adam and Eve settle on earth. Everyone has a Waterloo, as we all are flawed and weak humans. If we take a look at the present times, we can see how we are so reluctant about our families. We seldom care about them. One would be always available for someone who he does not even know while would not even try to give a smile to his parents. This is not a big problem, it is indeed trivial but at present, it is slowly taking us all towards destruction. There are many more minor things that were not so common in the previous years but now have become a part of everyone’s life and in the near future undoubtedly it will have diverse effects. If we all critically analyze ourselves, then it is only then we can realize the intensity of trouble that we are in that is caused by ourselves. No one is ever deceived but it is he who deceives himself. Throwing balls in others’ courts is easy but realizing one’s own mistake is very difficult and enough to hurt one’s own ego but in reality, it is worth it. It is far easier in this hypocritical world to tell a white lie rather than speaking the truth as it requires a lot of confidence because one will have to fight with the backlash that would be waiting for him and this ultimately makes opt for living a baseless life that too full of lies. But one thing is noteworthy that ‘the naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie.

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