Eradication of corruption a big mission


Prime Minister Imran Khan in many of his speeches he has delivered so far has constantly said that uprooting corruption and bringing people out of poverty are the top priorities of his government. He also came down hard on money laundering and termed it the biggest problem the world faces today. Imran Khan is absolutely right. Corruption and flow of Pakistan’s wealth via illegal means is a big issue as it is more challenging a problem. Our politicians can help current government to devise ways to stop money laundering if they love Pakistan.

Certainly, Pakistan can benefit from China’s expertise in tackling corruption and poverty. The fight against corruption is an ongoing and constant struggle. Tackling ills of the society with an iron hand and a firm resolve are the only expertise China used for its astronomical rise to economic might.

The only one way to progress and to increase GDP is to minimize the evil of corruption. China’s anti-corruption strategies have worked. In 1980, the GDP of China was US$300 Million and now it stands at $14 Trillion. It is because China has controlled corruption.

Pakistan can also do it by establishing a separate investigative organization equipped with its own prosecution team to tackle this task. Seeking out honest guys in the police force with years of experience and tasking them with this responsibility can ensure success.

This organization must be asked to report only to the Captain of PTI team. This organization must become the most feared organization for the thieves. The Captain must demand from this team nothing less than a 100% conviction rate for each thieve it catches. Moreover, a separate organization must be established to confiscate proceeds from illicit gains such as property, assets and valuables. This organization must be empowered to perform its task unhindered without any fear, favor or pressure.

Having discipline and unfailing and persistent hard work is the only way to end corruption. The Chinese, the Russians, the Americans and many lesser countries did it; therefore, Pakistanis can also do it. Imran Khan has often reminded that Pakistan at one point was an example for the developing world. In the 1960s it had quality universities. It had the highest growth rate. Its first five-year plan was emulated by South Korea and Malaysia; unfortunately the nation lost its way due to corruption of the ruling elite.

He is correct in saying that countries are poor not because of a lack of resources but due to the corruption of the elite, because it destroys state institutions. Pakistan, unfortunately, after the mid-80s started suffering from corruption. Prime Minister Imran Khan is very impressed the way China has progressed. Chinas phenomenal achievements are worth emulating. No other country has tackled poverty and corruption the way China has tackled it. Pakistan wants to learn from China›s experience in poverty alleviation and curbing corruption.

Talking about poverty alleviation, Prime Minister Imran Khan has recurrently said that a country can›t progress with glaring inequality in society. This is where he admires China so much. No country in human history, has ever taken 700 million people out of poverty in 30 years as China has done adding that the steps taken to that effect is what his party and his government were interested in.

A lot has already been decided earlier for the economic package from China through diplomatic channels. Our hard working leader is on a mission and Insha’Allah “New Pakistan” will emerge soon. Imran Khan’s strategy is turning the corner from economic gloom to boom in the shortest space of time. Excellent start, if Pakistan succeeds in significantly reducing corruption economy will improve with help from China and cooperation from neighbor countries. Pakistan is moving in the right direction. Good luck to Imran Khan and his team for their efforts to bring Pakistan and its economy on track.

One can’t expect a brand new government to fix all the issues spread over several decades, but one can hope for good and stand beside the present government. Collectively we can become strong again. Let’s work together for the love of pakistan.

The writer is Naveed Hussain Naqvi working as Associate Editor with Mélange’ & ‘ The Asian Telegraph’

Published in The Asian Telegraph, February 25th, 2019

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