Envoys visit to IOK


New Delhi organised yet another ‘guided tour’ of the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) that has been under lockdown since August 5, 2019 to show normalcy to the world in the Muslim-majority region. The government of fascist Prime Minister Narendra Modi had faced criticism last October when it organised a similar tour for far-right members of the European Parliament.
The Indian notorious government faced humiliation as diplomats from Australia, several Gulf nations and diplomats from European Union countries have dropped out of the visit with reports suggesting they wanted to reach out to their contacts on the ground and visit areas which have not been included in the trip organised by the Indian government in coordination with the Ministry of External Affairs, Home Affairs and Defence.
Meanwhile, India’s opposition parties are criticising the government for not taking its own citizens, including top political parties, to visit Kashmir and hold dialogue with the people of the region.
Similarly, the Hurriyat forum led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has termed the strictly controlled visit of Delhi-based Envoys to Kashmir as a nefarious attempt by the Indian government to mislead the world about the ground situation in the territory. The forum spokesman said that India wrote the worst chapter of history by usurping all the basic rights and freedoms of the people of occupied Kashmir on 5th August, 2019 when it revoked the special status of the territory. He said that since then thousands of Kashmiris including Hurriyat leaders, activists, intellectuals, lawyers and traders had been kept in different jails and detention centres. He said that by organizing visit of hand-picked envoys and holding meetings with them in military cantonment would not change the ground realities of occupied Kashmir. The tour of the foreign envoys to Kashmir a futile exercise as it was a guided tour choreographed by the occupation regime to hoodwink the world into believing that normalcy had returned to occupied Kashmir but ground situation speaks otherwise and such guided and controlled trips could not hide the facts from the world.

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