Energy Politics


‘Energy Politics’ can also be regarded as lust or curse for energy resources specifically oil to meet economic interests. Energy politics has very deep roots in creating the disastrous situation in the states enriched with oil in which oil-consuming countries played a prominent role. Since the 1980s, the democratic states have become more powerful and peaceful but on the other hand, the states enriched with oil resources have been under the influence of socio-economic and political unrests. The countries in North Africa and Middle Eastern regions were rich in natural resources, particularly oil and natural gas. Due to the developing industrial sector and economic completion among industrialized countries, the oil commodity became significant to energize the industries and economies of the World. Therefore, the Western industrialized countries started extracting petroleum by exploiting the oil-enriched Middle East. The states rich in oil resources with their rigid administrations were unable to resist those countries; hence the foreign economic powers took the advantage to exploit these regions according to their wishes. The growing influence of these powers also fueled the insurgencies and civil wars within these regions. The presence of a good deal of oil resources in the Middle Eastern region has augmented the Western states’ lust for oil Similarly, the new phase of politics broke into the international system after September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States. This historic event dramatically transformed the entire World’s socio-economic and political environment particularly. After the US initiative of airstrikes in Afghanistan as a response to the 9/11 attacks, North Africa and the Middle East also come under the influence of America when it blamed the existing government to have weapons of mass destruction and support to the terrorist groups. The US formulated its foreign policy towards the Middle East in such a way as to extract the oil resources as much as it can. On the other hand, the US alliance with Israel and Saudi Arabs in the region encouraged it to accomplish its objective and goals to exploit the region.

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