Enemies of state active again


The devastating attacks on the Chinese consulate in Karachi and bomb blast in Orakzai Agency on Friday serve as grim reminder that enemies of the state are active once again and will use all in their power to harm the interests of Pakistan. Pakistan’s march towards economic independence and financial stability is not acceptable to certain forces within and outside the borders of the country and the state’s institutions responsible for law and order need to remain alert and active against these forces of darkness.

The terrorists attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi took place at a time when Pakistan and China are entering a new phase of relations and a high level delegation under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan has recently returned from China after giving assurance to President Xi Jinping that Pakistan would honour and execute its pledge on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

CPEC that is certainly a game changer for the entire region carries and has promise of economic progress and prosperity for the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is also a testimony to the long-term friendship between the two all-weather friends. Through orchestrating an attack on the consulate the enemies of the state have in fact targeted CPEC and the deep-rooted friendship between the two countries.

However, the police and security agencies’ timely action has served a right lesson to the perpetrators and their handlers and now they will think hundred times before carrying out any misadventure against Pakistan’s state interests.

The powerful blast in lower Orakzai, however, offers the government and its security agencies a break from the routine patrolling and other traditional methods and review and reconsider their anti-terrorist strategy. Unless the government adopts a proactive approach to tackle this specter which is once again raising its ugly head such deadly attacks would continue to claim the innocent lives.

In the Friday’s bomb blast 34 people including 24 members of the Shia community lost their lives while 36 were wounded. However, according to reports, the bomb blast has its roots from across the border in Afghanistan, with Jamaatul Ahrar or the militant Islamic State group being the likely perpetrator.

Even if it is confirmed that bomb blast was organized from across the border it further highlights the urgency to complete the fencing along the border with Afghanistan. Pakistan needs to take earliest steps to prevent militants from crossing the border with Afghanistan.

Published in The Asian Telegraph on November 26th, 2018.

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