Endgame in Afghanistan


Afghanistan quagmire takes another stride as Russia vows to host a fresh round of negotiations on the stalled Afghan peace process. It is pertinent to mention that new development occurred just a few days after the leak of a letter from US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to President Ashraf Ghani over the stalemate. Blinken’s letter urged a resumption of dialogue proceedings between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Besides Taliban and Afghan government representatives, will also host envois from the Afghanistan High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), key local stakeholders, and representatives from the US, China, and Pakistan respectively, in the March 18 meeting in Moscow. The upcoming meeting holds immense significance in deciding the fate of the endgame of the protracted Afghan war. Turkey also vowed to play its role in mediating process. Herein, the anticipation of the majority of global actors to deal with one of the major global security issues seemingly a sign of relief for the proponents of the perpetual relief. Nevertheless, Afghanistan portrays the dismal picture of catastrophe with countless challenges about the social, economic, security and governance looming around. One of the key aspects that will determine the future trajectory is the strategic policy of the Biden administration. Shofar, the policy response has been subtle but it is evident that the new US government is falling short of the options for the Afghanistan crisis management. For Biden, it is an ideal opportunity to have a safe exit from Afghanistan, any decision of troop’s extension will further complicate the issue.

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