Ehsaas Scholarships Programme 


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday launched the “largest ever needs-based” Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program which will benefit over 200,000 students in four years.

The premier said that poor friendly Ehsaas programme will bring a remarkable change in various areas of society, as lack of education and employment opportunities pushes youth towards crime. He said that the programme will help the youth overcome obstacles in the way to progress and development. He expressed hope that the scholarship to deserving and talented students will give them an opportunity to excel in life, as fifty thousand scholarships each year to undergraduates is a big step towards higher education.

It is the largest ever scholarship program in the history of Pakistan. Scholarships will cover 100% of the tuition fee and living stipend (PKR. 40,000 per year). Students with family income less than 45,000, studying in any year of an undergraduate programme in public sector universities are eligible to apply.

Under the program, at least, 50% scholarships have been reserved for female students, which is praiseworthy move, as women are the builders of the family and nation and this scholarship will help them bring to mainstream.

The prime minister rightly said that undergraduate scholarship programme would also help eliminate the class-based colonial education system from the country under which the elite got education from English-medium institutions, while others went for education from Urdu-medium schools and madressahs.

An amount Rs. 5 billion will be allocated for the programme annually, while tuition will be paid directly to the University whereas the living stipend will be paid in the bank account of the student after necessary verifications.

It is undoubtedly a commendable program and it would bring about a revolutionary change in the country if it is implemented as per the laid down criteria of the program.

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