Ehsaas scholarship Program


Ehsaas scholarship program is indeed a good initiative to support underprivileged students so they can continue with their studies. So far, 122,744 students have applied for financial support to pursue post-high school education in government colleges under the federal government’s Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship program. It is pertinent to mention that there are 135 public-sector colleges in the country. currently, the portal set up for this purpose has been locked. The portal was opened in September last year. Scholarships will be given after scrutiny of the applications is finished over the next three months. The huge number of applications submitted for this scholarship specifies that students in Pakistan are eager of attaining education beyond high school. Additionally, out of this distinguished figure, there are more than 50,000 girls who have applied for this scholarship program. This indicates that females similarly aim to attain higher education. Generally, the trend is inspiring because this validates that students, parents, and the general public comprehend the significance of education, and the state is providing them an opportunity to accomplish their dreams. Experience shows that many brainy students are vulnerable due to financial constraints to get into college to achieve a graduate degree. Now students coming from low-income families won’t be underprivileged of higher education. Without any doubt, higher education is important than ever before. Educated. Higher and college education permits families to break from the trap of generational poverty. However, many worthy students are left on the verge because of their families’ financial conditions. This forces them to work to support their families for livelihood. Most countries in the world now offer scholarships to the deprived students in order to allow them to continue with their studies at numerous levels in view of the fact that education not only benefits people to improve their lives, it is also good for society. Members of an educated society have a greater understanding of the significance of working for the mutual good. Large or small numbers of students work even though they get scholarships to support their families and their own education.

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