Economic robust & Accountability


Governments hold legitimacy only if democratic ideals including accountability, transparency, pluralism, citizen participation, and justice are incorporated into state affairs. Accountability is central to the smooth functioning of the state and ensures the progressive nature of governance, but when countries like Pakistan hold the nascent state of effective law and order system attempt to bring transparency and accountability. Accountability and transparency in third world states bring more social unrest and economic depravities than in developed states. Political revenge is what prevails in the name of accountability which hampers the development and progress of the states. Governments with the impression of accountability-cum-political revenge lose the confidence of their citizens and end up being economically overwrought.
Notions like accountability, transparency, and progressive states when being held up by the political parties in Pakistan, they conceal their own scandals and failure with rancorous political scrutiny. Such practices build up an environment full of uncertainties and places the government and its citizens under economical pressure. Businessmen and investors require facilitation and smooth running of capital.
The government has ended up being in a position that has compromised states economic policies to the international organizations. To cope with the deteriorated economy the government had to step back from its stern position against corruption and it’s likely that the present government has taken this initiative. Government giving incentives to the business community due to which the economy of the state is showing some positive trends, This does not mean that the government has laid off its hands against the corruption, but it rather shows that the government has changed the way it was dealing with the corruption.

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