E-commerce Portal launching


Pledging boom in the E-commerce industry, the government has recently inaugurated the E-Commerce Portal to promote and facilitate freelancers and e-business in Pakistan. It is another great initiative as E-Commerce Portal is going to benefit the trade-in Pakistan to a great extent. It is the need of the hour that Pakistan adopts all such channels where people can do business through e-commerce. The young generation is already involved in e-commerce but to a limited level. The people will gradually get affiliated with e-commerce once it is properly implemented. The E-Commerce portal will facilitate the people who want to engage with freelance work. As for the growth of e-commerce in Pakistan is concerned, the challenges to overcome are the digitization of payments, improvements in last-mile logistics, and better regulation to protect customers and empower them to claim refunds.  The world is heading towards digitalization and it is an opportunity for youngsters to get motivated to adopt e-commerce. Pakistan has been on the mission for years to shake up its economy and create a cost-effective agenda to achieve broad commercialization. The development of e-commerce in the whole world has made it possible for economic development. With the rampant rise in E-commerce and the explosion of mobile commerce, the economic playing field for women in Pakistan is changing rapidly and has a positive transformative impact on women entrepreneurs. The E-Commerce Portal inaugurated today by the Prime Minister will promote and facilitate freelancers and e-business in Pakistan. Such development would provide an opportunity for smart businesses aligned with emerging geo-economics trends.

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