Drone warfare & Pak-China strategic challenges


Growing strategic ties between Pakistan and China faces new waves of challenges with the passage of time. Due to uncertain international political circumstances Pakistan and China Seeking deep interest in their bilateral ties. New alliances in the region emerging with the expense of rising China. From South China Sea to Indian ocean region and Himalaya mountains China battling hard for their larger Geostrategic interest to safeguard its territorial boundaries and lingering security challenges. Pak-China strategic partnership allowing both neighbors to cooperate in the military domains for their vast security apparatus in the region.

New revolution in military technology peculiarly electronic information has changed the future discourse of Wars. Information acquisition is the most lethal endeavor of the twenty first century. Uses of information technology and mode of the modern warfare, China striving hard to equip its forces with latest military hardware’s. People’s Republic of China has begun to invest massively in Drones production and information technology. China reiterated not to use Drones strikes in their own hemisphere but today China is one of the largest drones producing and exporting country in the world. There are dozens of countries which use highly sophisticated Chinese drones for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) purpose.

With its growing economic strength and dependence China seeking deep desire to protect its interest abroad. To combat against terrorist outlets and anti-piracy missions in the vast costal lines of African continent, drones are ideal for China to prudently protect its economic, political and strategic interest in the resources rich African continent. China aims to acquire additional bases out of their hemisphere needs logical justification to use military troops and other heavy weaponry. To reduce minimum human losses and to ensure less political cost in African region .Drones play vital role to thwart any possible security threats facing by Chines investors Drones are ideally suited to cope with rebellion groups, terrorist organization and other target killing elements.

Pak-China economic corridor (CPEC) possess huge potential threats from the belligerent groups and enemy attacks passing through some sensitive areas of Pakistan. Recently couple of militant attacks were carried out by the rebellious groups of Baluchistan. Guerrilla warfare is the most daunting threat to Chinese security personal, workers and technical staff in the North West province of Pakistan. Drone warfare is the most cheaper and accurate counter strategy to crush militant groups and their hideous in Pakistan. The use of armed drones will reduce security risk to the ongoing ambitious China Pakistan economic corridor.

China aims to supply four arms drones to Pakistan ostensibly to protect the China Pakistan economic corridor and the PLA Navy’s base at Gawadar port anticipate China growing security concerns . Gawadar, in the highly restive southern province of Pakistan, is described as the crown jewels of China’s multi billion investment in belt and road initiative projects in Pakistan. Strategically Gawadar port is equally important for both Pakistan and China. One of the world deepest Sea port opens directly to the Indian Ocean region and gives China strategic access to the world market.

Pak-China joint military venture to make 48GJ-2 drones in near future. This will give technical advancement to Pakistan drones technology. Burraq drone is Pakistani domestic combat drone which is already used against militant groups in Pakistan. Drone technology and its efficient use will reduce security threats to Chinese investors and Pakistani security forces. Unfriendly terrain of FATA and Balochistan province takes enough resources to cope with those threats. Information technology, intelligence sharing and use of drones for both combat and surveillance purposes need to be enhanced against non- state actors and Anti CPEC elements.

Pakistan and China converting to a new era of cooperation in which both countries sharing similar security, economic, political and strategic threats. Partnership in such sensitive and demanding fields will further enhance both strategic partners combined capabilities. Sun Tzu says “supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance

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