Disaster Preparedness


The ongoing pandemic has made the authorities realize that we have to arm ourselves with knowledge so that in times of crises we can save precious lives and minimize the economic costs. Disasters not only disrupt the development process but it has a farfetched impact on the physical and emotional wellbeing of populace. In order to mitigate the losses the governments and authorities have to be prepared such as the COVID-19 spread like a wildfire and if could have been detected an earlier stage, it might be extinguished with a limited amount of damage. We also learned that the best strategy to curb the pandemic required a joint effort by the government officials especially those belonging to the public health, law enforcement, and active participation from the parliamentarians, including the private sector. It also calls for a global cooperation in such scenario like building a global infrastructure to respond the pandemic or any such crises. The global community knew that we have to devise strategies and furnish resources that will be required to fight the pandemic such as vacancies, testing kits, doctors to patient ratio etc. but lack of vital equipment led to the death of hundred thousand precious lives. The vaccines are prepared now and the catalyst came from global cooperation. Although there are times when we cannot predict the upcoming disasters but at the same time, the significance of disaster preparation cannot be undermined. The lesson we should learn from the ongoing pandemic is to focus on the scientific developments and adopt a heuristic approach to tackle the disasters.

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