Diplomatic Challenges for Biden


Mr. Joe Biden took oath as the 46th President of the United States of America on 20th January, 2021. He is considered as the oldest President of the American history with the age of 78 years. When Biden took the charge of the oval office America was surviving an illiberal-cum-non democratic leadership under the former President Donald J. Trump. President Trump announced sundry policies which were against the American concept of pluralism, the concept from which Americans draw their unity, the democratic values are the basis of USA and it is the flag bearer of democracy at global level. In his inaugural session President Joe Biden categorically claimed that American democracy was under threat and the event of 6th January was the darkest day in the American history, indicating to how a violent mob attacked the capitol. He highlighted that it is the crucial time to rebuild the American image globally because the former President’s policies were based on hate and hypocrisy at national as well as global level. America is in a dire need to revise all the previous policies which are not aligned with the democratic and secular nature of the State. He announced that he would relax the immigration policies especially for Muslim countries, would rejoin the Kyoto Protocol, would revisit the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) and list goes on.

After pandemic the biggest challenge for the President Joe Biden is to restore the American credibility and integrity with in the State as well as at foreign lands.  Being a major power America cannot afford such an irresponsible behavior at international arena. President Joe Biden has to be very much vigilant regarding the withdrawal of the American forces from the Afghanistan and Middle East. On the other hand, Resurgent Russia and rising China are another threat to the American superiority in Asia-Pacific and in Middle East. It is the peak time for President Biden and his administration to re-establish the relations with the old and traditional American allies.

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