Digitalizing Pakistan


Developing world is moving rapidly towards digital revolution in almost every field of life. With the advancement in computing power, mobile technologies and internet facilities more and more people have become the members of digital worlds. From buying goods online to e-payments digital marketing has facilitated humans in various ways. Digitalization has also created number of job opportunities for the jobless youngsters in the form of earning on social sites. In the field of education world is moving from textual literacy to digital literacy helping education by providing digital technologies. Digital libraries and digital information are becoming a great support for students of higher education. Digital technologies can also promote Pakistan’s agriculture sector. Mobile Agriculture Information Portal can help agriculturists to get informed about price, horticultural diseases with remedial actions, water quality, weather updates and supply, demand data from agricultural commodity markets. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) can help monitor the environment to plan sustainable agriculture products. E- Agriculture scheme can be effective regarding empowerment of poor farmers and agriculturists. Furthermore, digitalization can overcome the economic woes of Pakistan. One of the main causes of Pakistan’s stalled economic growth that its industries are not well-equipped with modern technology. Digitalization of industrial sector can work as oxygen for Pakistan’s moribund economy. Use of digital technologies can reduce the several expenditures of an industrial sector. Use of accounting software, maintenance of computerized record, internet, automation, cloud computing, artificial intelligence can increase productivity and efficiency of industrial sector. With the help of E-health technology Pakistan can improve its health sector. Digitalization is the need of the hour for Pakistan. It can solve number of problems which the country is facing. Digital technologies can bring revolution in the fields from education to health and economics to governance. It is necessary to overcome the hurdles which hinder the digital progress of Pakistan. Positive use of digital technology will pave the way for development of Pakistan.

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