Global water tech firm eyes on Chinese water industry


Global water technology provider Xylem is upbeat about its business outlook in China as the upgrading of the country’s water industry picks up pace with digital solutions. “China is an important market for Xylem’s strategic development. We see rapid digital transformation in the water industry here and abundant opportunities as digital innovation gradually become the norm,” Lyu Shuping, president of Xylem China and North Asia said.
China’s economic shift and sustainability drive are creating demands for smart water solutions in fields like sponge city development, utility tunnel construction and dirty water treatment, Lyu said. The company continued to see double-digit sales growth in the Chinese market in 2019, according to Lyu.
Water utilities are now using digital technologies to extend water resources, reduce combined sewer overflows by a billion gallons a year, and dramatically cut non-revenue water losses, according to a report by the International Water Association and Xylem.
For example, in south China’s Shenzhen, water quality monitoring sensors and hydraulic modeling systems implemented by Shenzhen Water Group have resulted in vast improvements in surface water quality, the report noted. Intelligence and energy conservation will be two major features of the water industry, Lyu said, adding that the company would continue to work with Chinese partners to digitalize the sector, reduce waste and boost efficiency.

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