Developing South Waziristan


South Waziristan is the largest tribal agency of FATA divided into three subdivision and eight districts and is mostly a mass of rugged and complex rocky terrains and ridges. The region suffered immensely due to militancy in the past, which hindered the social, economic and political development of its inhabitants. However, the incumbent government is now focusing on economic uplifting of the people of tribal areas now and in this wake, recently, Premier Imran Khan has visited South Waziristan and ensured to mainstream the populace along with the national development. He announced to launch the high-speed 3G and 4G services in the region, to facilitate the residents particularly students as most of the educational institutions had started online classes. PTI government is stressing for the development of youth of the region and for economic betterment, Imran Khan vowed to divert more funds for South Waziristan under Kamyab Jawan Programme. In addition, he said that the government would soon open educational facilities in South Waziristan including universities and technical institutes and provide scholarships and funding opportunities to the underprivileged students under the Ehsaas social welfare program. Similarly, there is an added focus on the infrastructural development of the region by PTI government, which includes upgradation of roads, hospitals and agriculture sector. Moreover, a Women Empowerment Center will also be established this year that will annually impart livelihood skills training to 200 deserving women. All these initiatives, in the most affected region of Pakistan due the militancy, will not only provide the opportunities of the livelihood to the people but will also act as a latent power for the national growth of the country. During the times of pandemic, up to 15000 families of South Waziristan were facilitated through Ehsaas Emergency Cash worth Rs. 177.85 million. These efforts show the commitment of the government for socio-economic uplifting of the residents of the region by offering facilities in all areas, and compensate them for their sacrifices in the war against terrorism.

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