Depp denies Amber Heard’s Abuse allegations



Johnny Depp is speaking out for the first time in his own words about the allegations of abuse levied against him by his ex-wife, Amber Heard, saying, Heard’s fabricated domestic violence allegations against me are categorically and demonstrably false. According to court documents, Depp has submitted a lengthy declaration in support of his $50 million defamation lawsuit against Heard.

I have denied Heard’s allegations vehemently since she first made them in May 2016, Depp begins, when she walked into court to obtain a temporary restraining order with painted-on bruises that witnesses and surveillance footage show she did not possess each day of the preceding week. I will continue to deny them for the rest of my life. I never abused Ms. Heard or any other woman.

Depp says he decided to file the lawsuit not only to clear my name and restore my reputation, but to attempt to bring clarity to the women and men whose lives have been harmed by abuse and who have been repeatedly lied to by Ms. Heard purporting to be their spokesperson. He says that the appearance of new evidence not previously in my possession is what led him to file new the new lawsuit.

Depp says that after years of asserting my innocence, I am finally in a position to prove it by dismantling each element of her hoax. — VoM

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