Dec 8: 34th SAARC Charter Day


Over the years, the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) has made notable strides in various fields of intra-regional cooperation. The region is blessed with enormous human and natural resources and holds great promise in sustainable economic development in South Asia. The region is celebrating 34th SAARC Charter Day 2018 today to renew our commitment to the cherished goals of the organization. The leaders of SAARC nations, the high commissioners, ambassadors from the SAARC member countries, representatives of the SAARC bodies are commemorating the day by reiterating the aims and goals of the SAARC Charter.

Trade bloc consisting of the South Asian countries was planned and created by the president Ziaur Rahman during the late 1970’s. And later, on 8th of December in 1985, the leader of the Seven South Asian Countries (means Maldives, India, Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladeshi and Sri Lanka) had signed the contract (means charter) in order to set up the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). SAARC was joined by the Afghanistan as a Member during the 14th meeting of SAARC in Delhi in the month of April, 2007.

SAARC Charter Day is celebrated to emphasize the major activities and works of the association. SAARC Charter Day is commemorated every year by the statements of the Member States and the Secretary General. Some of the major objectives include to promote the peace, constancy, harmony and growth of all the regions by the strict observance of the United Nations Charter and Non-Alignment principles. To achieve the freedom, peace, economic prosperity, social progress, cultural development and social justice by promoting the interdependent world, making good neighboring relations, increasing mutual understanding and consequential teamwork in the South Asian regions.

Moreover, for the promotion of awareness about ordinary problems, interests and objectives of the South Asian peoples and to increase the regional cooperation among the South Asian countries for the mutual benefits, welfare and well being of the people. To promote the friendship and understanding among the people of South Asian countries by increasing the collaboration, contacts and exchanges. To remind the announcements signed by the Foreign Ministers in New Delhi as well as notice the achievements in the regional cooperation.

Published in The Asian Telegraph on December 8th, 2018.

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