Custodians of First Qibla?


In the midst of the Middle Eastern crisis of earlier this month, a non-Arab Pakistan outshines the entire Muslim world with a historic phrase ‘Time to say enough’ directed towards Israel and the world powers at UNGA. The concerns of Pakistan for Palestine did not end here, as Pakistan alongside Turkey, had a sort out a plan to deter aggressive Israel. During this uncertain phase, the diplomatic enclaves and avenues of the capitals throughout the Muslim world were thrilled with the gossips. Some of them were related to what could be next if Pakistan and Turkey were to fail in their joint diplomatic initiative to stop the tyranny in the Middle East.

Dr Abdullah Al Nafisi, a prominent Kuwaiti politician claimed that Pakistan and Turkey had worked out a plan to stop Israel by use of force if needed. To pursue the plan, Pakistan and Turkey had contacted Jordan and Iraq to seek access to the airfields that could be used to launch a counteroffensive against Israel, if needed. Al Nafisi further claimed that the plan pressed panic buzzers in the Pentagon once Amman contacted Washington. Immediately after that, Washington conveyed their concerns to Tel Aviv. Washington sensed the escalation to the conflict that could have resulted not in Israel’s favor.

Joint ‘Mission Palestine’ of Pakistan and Turkey, hence achieved the goal of restoration of ceasefire immediately. The diplomatic cooperation between Pakistan and Turkey regarding Palestine saw its first success. Apparently, this bilateral cooperation would not end here. Pakistan and Turkey have pledged to highlight and demand a peaceful solution to the longstanding conflict of Palestine. If the diplomatic gossips are true, then Pakistan and Turkey surely have agreed upon using force against any future aggression of Israel on Palestinians. In that case, what we just witnessed in recent days is a new Pak-Turk alliance to safeguard the first Qibla against the tyranny of Israel. An alliance though is diplomatic but will use force if necessary to stop the aggressor.

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