Curbing pollution


Thickly populated cities of Pakistan, India, Iran and neighboring countries are facing smog problem these days and due to this menace the schools are kept close when the intensity of smog is high in these cities. This situation calls for a joint efforts for all the countries to fight this issue. Pakistan has been doing a lot in this regard as the present government is focused to curb pollution.
The prime minister chaired a meeting on the issue of smog and environmental pollution on Saturday and told the media that his government was giving priority to controlling the smog and measures should have been taken decades ago as recommendations were always available. The smog and environmental pollution is severely affecting the health of elderly persons and children. The cutting of 70 per cent trees in Lahore, traffic pollution, burning of crops’ residue in Indian Punjab as well as thick smoke emitted by oil furnaces and brick-kilns are contributing to environmental degradation.
The government has taken five decisions to avert the pollution crisis gradually in the next three years. The government has decided to import Euro 4 oil instead of Euro 2 oil that has much less chemicals and could guarantee lessen air pollution by 90 per cent. The government is also considering converting buses on CNG from the beginning of the next calendar year. The oil refineries will be given three years to improve their technologies to better refine crude oil and duty on scrubber will also be abolished. The brick-kiln owners will be offered loans on six per cent to convert kilns on the zigzag technology. The government will import machinery at a cost of Rs300 million that will uproot the crops residue, which could later be sold. The trees serve as a major resistant to pollution and government is planning to plant sapling on 60,000 kanal land in Lahore. With the government’s initiatives it is hoped that the air pollution will be controlled in the country but same measures should also be taken by the countries of the region to make it pollution free and for this purpose joint strategies should be evolved.

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