CSR Summit


Pledging centralized hub for combining CSR resources, efforts for social uplift work in deserving sectors, 14th Annual International CSR (corporate social responsibility) Summit and Awards-2022 are organized by the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH). The CSR summit by assembling under one roof representatives of leading companies was one major step towards providing a common forum to different key players in the corporate sector to connect with each other and strive collectively for the shared social uplift goals for the betterment of the society. Human resource development and capacity building of the youth should be one major area of focus by the corporate sector for doing CSR-related work. Azam Khan Swati appreciated the efforts of the corporate sector to serve humanity at large and lessen the miseries of the underprivileged communities. The work of the corporate organizations in the areas of health, education, environmental protection, and other social sector deserved special praise. He said the corporate entities through their CSR drive had become a partner with the present government’s drive to transform the lives of common people. There is no doubt that the present government had initiated the drive to improve the working of Railways in accordance with the principles of the corporate sector so as to ensure the welfare of the railway workers and their families.  The drive launched by the NEPRA encouraged the power sector companies to invest Rs 4.5 billion as part of their CSR-related obligations. He said the CSR activities by the power sector companies had benefited 13.7 million people, created 24,000 jobs through 390 different welfare projects. He said that owing to the efforts of the NEPRA every power distribution company had now a separate HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) Department for ensuring the safety of their employees.

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