CRBN weapons & Terrorism Discourse


CRBN Chemical, Radiological, Biological and Nuclear Weapons (CRBN) weapons are considered effective more than conventional weapons and the biggest advantage of using CBRN is an indiscriminate casualty in a very controlled way against any pre-determined target. CBRN weapons are inherently uncontrollable, but terrorists usually want a factor of certainty in a controlled way. The techniques through which the CBRN weapon shall be used also depend upon the technical characteristics and features of the weapons. Responding to the question that will terrorist wants to operate the CBRN weapons and what would be the operational criteria, which would be determined by the benefits. In a nutshell, the means and ends in operating the CBRN weapons are necessarily put under consideration by the operator’s terrorist groups.
Moreover, terrorism has a common traditional tactic of killing and assassination of the political elites, military personnel’s .to attain the maximum results those attacks are designed in a way to avoid collateral casualties and the only respective target is killed to minimize the domestic and international support and sympathies for that act.
However, there is also a shift in the approach of few terrorist groups to do the maximum collateral damage to kill a single particular individual. Nevertheless, CBRN weapons cannot be determined choice weapons to assassinate an individual target because those weapons have to be operated in a very controlled manner. There is a possibility of using CBW in a very controlled manner through various procedures such as food contamination, injecting the agent or even CBW weapon can be used at domestically used but terrorists have a mindset of assassinations through convention weapons, bombs, and firearms. Now it is an argument to opt for the CBRN weapons to kill the individuals instead of other operational conventional weapons to whom they are more skilled, easier to operate and availability and controllability are higher than CBRN weapons. The usage of CBRN weapons as compared to other conventional weapons incurs more disadvantages and fewer advantages to a specific terrorist group.

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