Pakistan and China have already been enjoying friendly relations for a long time and both the countries have people-to-people, government-to-government and leadership-to-leadership ties. It is a good omen that the present government is determined to meet the deadline for the completion of development projects under CPEC to compensate for the delay made in the previous government’s tenure. The Prime Minister has rightly said that the joint venture of Chinese industry and technology with Pakistan’s labor and investment will create a win-win situation for both countries. There are mainly four areas of cooperation between both the countries under CPEC. The three areas including energy production, road infrastructure and Gwadar port as part of the first phase have almost been completed. Now in the second phase the entire focus is on the industrial sector. Special Economic Zones are proposed to be established in this phase. I am hopeful that with the completion of SEZs, the Chinese industries will also be shifted to Pakistan and our country’s industrial sector will also get a boost. Despite the efforts made by some elements to sabotage this revolutionary project, both the countries have expressed determination to complete it by all means. The focus in the second phase of CPEC will focus on boosting industrialization. We are hopeful that many Chinese industries will be relocated to Pakistan. The industrial sector in the country will definitely get a boost with the Chinese support. The government is determined to address the energy issues prevailing in the country on an emergency basis.

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