CPEC accomplishments


Pak- China bonhomie takes another stride in the aftermath of the Pandemic crisis as both the states further deepen their enduring partnership during the crunch period. China stood along with Pakistan and extended its inclusive assistance more than any other state in the world. Both states tend to further incorporate their multilateral cooperation to boost the regional emblems of development and prosperity.

This year 2021 marks the 70th anniversary of the formation of cordial diplomatic ties between China and Pakistan. Both the partners vow to increase the development of CPEC projects. In the next stage, the two countries will take well-targeted steps in developing Gwadar Port, industrial parks, agriculture, science, and technology, assisting Pakistan’s development towards industrialization, urbanization, digitization, and agricultural modernization. One of the key impediments that both the countries would look to overcome the regional security issues in particular the Afghanistan crisis that is a key hurdle to further the prospects of a regional integrated economy. The helm of regional economic development will roll further once the regional peace is ensured and China is fully cognizant of the fact that its role is key in improving security. CPEC success has also revamped the geostrategic dynamics and it has increased the jurisdictions of its power beyond the defined horizons as the anti-CPEC actors are irked by the overwhelming success of this mega project. With China dominating at the center, the regional power-sharing orients from the geo economy, rather than the conventional security paradigm. CPEC has also set a new precedent that in geopolitics. Suppose, the EU model is in a critical juncture and the aspirants may pursue Beijing’s economic development model that has given remarkable success in the past decade.


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